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Fall Lawn Care: Have a Lawn You Will Be Proud Of!

Posted on October 16th, 2018

Do you desire a lush green lawn that the neighbors can envy? The efforts you put forth with fall lawn care can make a difference. It’s common to want to take a break when the cold weather sets in, fight the urge! When you prep your lawn in the fall, you’ll be amazed at the payoff in spring. Your greenscapes will be lush and healthy because of your efforts.

Here’s why you should invest in fall lawn care:

The Cooler Temperatures Can Work to Your Advantage

Overseeding is essential for fall lawn care

As the seasons change and the leaves start falling, it’s prime time to start winterizing your lawn, trees, and shrubs. The cooler weather gives you the opportunity to aerate, fertilize and overseed when your lawn needs some TLC. Aeration is beneficial because the process helps de-compact the soil and makes room for oxygen and nutrients to reach your grass roots. Fertilization is also necessary to help provide your lawn with the food it needs to grow thick and strong in the spring and remain healthy after the first frost of the year.

fall lawn care mow your lawn

The Timing is Perfect for a Few More Mows

You may be ready for a break from mowing your lawn in September and October, but this is not the time to rest. Avoid letting your grass get out of control and allowing weeds to fester bacteria, disease and insect contamination. Set your mower a little higher and give your lawn a few more once-overs even when the weather is turning a bit colder. Ensure your grass does not get any taller than two and a half inches at a time.

The Experts Are Ready For Fall Lawn Care

We get it – you’re busy. That’s why Turf Unlimited is ready to lend a helping hand with fall cleanup and winterization. Prepare your trees, shrubs, soil, and grass for the cold months looming by enlisting the help of Turf Unlimited’s premium lawn care services. Contact us today for a comprehensive overview of what your lawn needs by calling (888) 649-9919.

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