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Overseeding: Why It Should Be Part Of Your Lawn Maintenance Routine

Posted on December 5th, 2018


mowing lawn, MassachusettsIs your lawn looking tired and worn out? Does your grass look thin or patchy in areas? Then your yard would benefit from overseeding. Overseeding is one of the many steps that should be part of any homeowners yard maintenance. But what is overseeding? To put it simply, it’s the applying more grass seed into your lawn to fill in brown spots and thicken up your grass without the need for sod.

Overseeding vs. Sod

Over the years your yard gets thin, areas die off and new types of grasses and weeds take hold. Overseeding with other types of grass can strengthen your grass, making it less susceptible to insects, drought, and diseases. Unlike sod, overseeding does not require you to tear up your yard to get beautiful, thick grass.

Prepare Your Yard

Before you jump into overseeding your lawn you must first prep it by mowing it at the lowest setting and collecting all the clippings. Rake up any leaves or debris that could prevent the seeds from reaching the soil. And aerate to ensure that the soil is loose and new seeds are able to take root.

Spread The Seeds

water lawn maintenance with hoseBefore you start slinging seeds around your yard do your research on the type of grass you currently have and the type of grass you want to overseed with. You don’t want your yard to clash with two very different shades of green. If you are overseeding yourself then you will want to use a seed spreader, which you can buy at any hardware store. Check your seed bag for specific instructions on overseeding.

Water, Water, Water

Your new seeds should be watered at least twice a day to keep the soil nice and moist. Continue to water for the first few weeks until the new sprouts are about the same height as your existing grass.

Get It Done Right

At Turf Unlimited our staff is professionally trained in overseeding and aeration. We can ensure that the job is done correctly so you can enjoy a beautiful and lush lawn all year. Call us at 888-649-9917 or drop us a message here.

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