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2022 Tree Care Guide: Keeping Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful All Year Long

Posted on April 10th, 2022

Your trees may look sturdy and tough, but they need care and attention just like the rest of your plants. By coming up with a plan early in the year, you can ensure your trees receive the care they need all year so they can stay healthy and beautiful. Take a look at the best tips and tricks from the pros at Turf Unlimited in our comprehensive 2022 tree care guide.

Winter Pruning

Winter pruning is an essential part of your 2020 tree care guide and will help keep your Massachusetts trees healthy.
Before the spring, while your trees are still dormant, it’s a good idea to do some winter pruning. Pruning your tree is a way to relieve it of dead, dying, or ugly branches. By doing this, you allow the tree to focus its nutrients and energy on new growth. Pruning also opens the tree up, allowing sunlight and oxygen to reach new branches. One of the best times to prune your trees is in the winter. Because your trees are dormant and leafless, it’s easier to see the problem branches that need to go.

Dormant Oil in the Spring and Fall

Next on our 2022 tree care guide is dormant oil. Pests like scale and mites overwinter on the bark of trees, waiting for the warmer temperatures of spring before they wake up and the damage begins. Dormant oil is a way to prevent an infestation and protect your trees. Have your trees sprayed with dormant oil in the early spring, before there are buds on your tree, and in the late fall when the leaves have fallen. The spray coats the overwintering insects, suffocating the pests before they can hurt your tree.

Insect and Disease Spraying Throughout the Year

Insects and diseases can decimate your trees if not properly controlled. By staying proactive with regular insect and disease spraying throughout the year, you can avoid costly damage to your trees. Tree-damaging pests and diseases spread quickly and can kill your trees, that’s why it’s important to stay vigilant and protect your trees.

Add Mulch

Adding mulch to your trees is one of the best ways to protect the roots from a number of problems. Mulch acts as an insulator to keep the roots safe from changing temperatures. It also helps retain moisture during drought-like conditions in the summer and when the ground is frozen in the winter. Mulch even helps prevent weeds from sprouting under your tree, freeing it from competition for nutrients. On top of all these benefits, mulch adds a beautiful pop of color to any landscaping, increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Fertilize Your Trees

Finally, it’s important to fertilize your trees at least once per year. Trees, just like any living organism, need nutrients to feed them and keep them healthy. You can provide your tree with all the nutrients it needs with plant health care fertilization from Turf Unlimited. In the late summer or early fall, your trees’ roots will be in overdrive. During this time of year, trees begin absorbing as many nutrients as possible in preparation for winter dormancy. Help the tree gather resources by providing it with a fertilization treatment.

Get the Best Tree Care From Turf Unlimited

Here at Turf Unlimited, we have all the tree care solutions you need to keep your trees healthy all year long. By following our 2022 tree care guide and utilizing the beneficial tree care services from Turf Unlimited, you can give your trees a healthy 2022.

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