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Zen Garden Ideas to Create a Calming Space

Posted on August 19th, 2022

Creative Zen Garden Ideas. Once only for Buddhists, zen gardens have now been welcomed by many. With a mini zen garden, you get a peaceful paradise within your yard, where you can always spend a moment of solitude amid your busy life.

However, while a zen garden looks simple, it can be slightly challenging to style and maintain its landscape. So to help you with your zen garden wellness journey, this blog will cover the following topics:

  • What is a zen garden used for?
  • What features to add for a spacious or mini zen garden?
  • Where can I get help maintaining my zen garden?

What is a Zen Garden Used for?

A zen garden is meant to be a place of meditation that frees you from distraction with its naturally calming, minimalistic design – including plants, rocks, and water.

What Features to Add to a Spacious or Mini Zen Garden?

#1 Stepping Stone Pathway

While a stepping stone pathway is a staple for every zen garden, it works well with any type of garden. For example, you can add natural stones from your house to the gate or weave them around a tree.

#2 Water Feature

The sight and tranquil sound of water is a great feature to add to zen gardens. However, when adding a water feature, make sure not to be too elaborate; keep it natural looking and incorporate pebbles and sand.

#3 Bridge

A bridge is usually found in Japanese-style gardens. On top of its aesthetic worth, it also illustrates a transition journey and stimulates reflections. While a bridge goes well over a pond or a small stream, you can add one without a water feature.

You can add a bridge over finely raked gravel, a pool of pebbles, or dry sand that’s laid out in a way that mimics the flow of water.

#4 Gravel

As mentioned, gravel is an excellent addition to a zen garden that symbolizes water. Rake your gravel finely and create curves or waves that are soothing to the eye. Like with a zen garden kit, creating patterns when raking the gravel is a meditative exercise.

#5 Ferns

Adding ferns into your zen garden will give it an old-world ambiance. You can add them onto rocks to soften and balance hard textures. Make sure to go for evergreen ferns to keep your space looking vibrant.

#6 Curves

When planning your mini zen garden landscape, think about curves. From lawns to paths and stones, be sure to incorporate natural curves, almost cloud-like shapes, to complete your zen garden wellness scene.

#7 Acer Tree

Another Japanese garden staple is an Acer tree. While its color is a bit vibrant, it’s welcomed in zen gardens to add a well-thought-through pop of color here and there. The Acer tree has wide varieties in size and color. One common color is red, which can elevate any garden, especially in autumn. Some zen garden kits often have a display Acer tree in them.

Where Can I Get Help Maintaining My Zen Garden?

Creating your zen garden is one thing, but maintaining it is another. If you need help with any of the two, look no further because Turf Unlimited has you and your garden covered.

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