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Sprinkler Installation Process

Once we are given the opportunity, the install process begins. A contract is signed and an installation date is set.

  • We notify Dig Safe seven days before the install to arrange for underground utilities to be marked.
  • A licensed plumber is contracted to make the connection to the main water source and install the back flow preventer.
  • On the morning of the installation, we will go over the areas to be covered, the location of the automatic controller and rain sensor.
  • The pipe is installed with a Ditchwitch 255 SX pipe puller. This machine is state of the art and pulls the pipe underground (up to 12 inches) with minimal damage. Any damage that does occur will be raked and re-seeded. There is no trenching with this method. The only digging will be where the heads, connections and valves are located.
  • All sprinkler heads are connected to the line with Rain Bird swing pipe. This connection prevents heads or pipe from breaking when run over by equipment. This connection will also allow the head to move as the ground freezes and thaws.
  • All valves are located in boxes that are buried at ground level. Access to the valve boxes is only necessary for service.
  • After the installation is completed, you will be shown how to operate the automatic controller and adjust the rain sensor and sprinkler heads. Payment will be made only when you are completely satisfied with the work done. We offer a 3 Year Warranty on parts and labor.

Turf Unlimited Inc. provides sprinkler installation services in Middlesex County MA, Hillsborough County NH, Rockingham County NH & the surrounding areas.

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