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Sprinkler Start-Up Instructions


You, the homeowner, can start your own sprinkler system, by following these simple instructions.

Step 1:

Close the water spigot located on the backflow. This unit is located on the outside of the house where the water exits.

Step 2:

Slowly turn the main water valve on to the sprinkler system. This is located in the basement where the water exits the house. Sometimes you will hear a loud noise coming from the backflow or water coming from the backflow. This is normal until the main line is filled with water. The backflow may continue to dump or make a banging sound, sometimes you can stop this by turning the main water valve off and then back on.

Step 3:

Turn on each zone manually and check for any leaks or heads not turning. If you do have a problem, please mark it with a flag and call our office to schedule a service appointment.

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