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Tree and Shrub

Tree & Shrub Care

With the Turf Unlimited Tree & Shrub program, we will inspect your landscape and recommend insect and/or disease sprays and fertilizations to maintain healthy plants.

Property Evaluation

At Turf Unlimited, our experts will inspect and evaluate your landscape to determine what problems, if any, are plaguing your trees and shrubs. We will also determine the right amount of fertilizer and/or insect and disease control products to ensure a beautiful yard.

Customized Programs

Turf Unlimited is continuously reviewing the latest products and technology so we can continue to provide the best available products and services. We continually attend training seminars, re-certification classes, and trade shows. Our experts will recommend a customized program to keep your landscape in top shape.

Spring: Dormant Oil Spray

In the spring when our temperatures reach above freezing and before the leaves bud, our Turf Unlimited tree service experts will apply horticultural oil. It is a highly refined petroleum product that can be mixed with water to smother insects eggs. This product also works on scale and mites.

Spring: Fertilization

Once the ground thaws, Turf Unlimited professionals will apply fertilizer which will help new growth, flowering, and medicines4all.com general plant health. It will also help winter injury grow out.

Early Season Insect & Disease Spray

Our experts at Turf Unlimited will also apply early season insect and disease spray for common insects like azalea saw fly caterpillars, winter moths, scale, plus diseases like powdery mildew, apple scab, and rust.

Late Season Insect Spray

A late season insect spray is also applied to control insects that like the heat, including spider mites, lace bugs, and black vine weevils.

Fall Fertilization

In the fall, your trees and shrubs need food to help their root systems for next season’s flowering and growth.

Fall Dormant Oil Spray

In the fall, Turf Unlimited will apply dormant oil similar to the oil sprayed in the spring. This spray is only applied after the first frost and after the plants go dormant.

Anti-Desiccant Spray

For all your tree service needs, our experts at Turf Unlimited will apply an anti-desiccant spray in the fall. It will help reduce damage caused by windburn and loss of moisture. Dry winter winds cause moisture loss which can’t be replaced because plants are dormant and the ground is frozen. It’s especially important for evergreen trees.

Trimming & Pruning

We are also available for dormant season pruning. You can count on Turf Unlimited to provide the best service at the best prices. Call 888-649-9919 today.

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