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Overseeding 101: When & Why You Should Overseed Your Lawn

Posted on July 20th, 2018

Unhappy With Your Lawn?overseeding your lawn

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything when it comes to keeping your lawn nice and you just can’t win?

Overseeding can give your lawn the extra boost it may need.

Sometimes, even the most well-cared for and maintained lawn will experience a failure to thrive. The weather, our families, and even our pets can eventually begin to take its toll on our grass. As a result, many home and business owners occasionally find that, even with a full fertilization and weeding program, their grass and gardens still look brown, dry, limp, and even (gasp!) bald in some areas. If that sounds like the current state of your lawn, your property may be ready for an overseeding treatment.

What Is Overseeding?

Overseeding is a popular and effective application that plants new grass seed directly onto an existing lawn. This non-invasive process spreads the new grass seed over the surface without tearing up your turf or disturbing the soil. When included as part of a lawn care program, overseeding can yield a multitude of significant benefits to your lawn, such as:

• Reduce soil erosion
• Enhance property appearance
• Improve grass thickness

Most importantly, overseeding not only improves the overall look and feel of your lawn now – it also strengthens the root system and nourishes plants for sustainable lawn health that fights off future pests, diseases, and drought conditions.

Timing Is Everything: Know When To Overseed

Of course, it’s not enough for home and business owners to know they need to overseed. To reap optimal success, it’s essential to determine when to overseed. It’s also crucial to understand the grass type (warm and cool season) you’ll be using to drill down on the right timing for the very best results. Some general scheduling guidelines based on where you live include:


Northeast lawns do well with cool season grasses. The best time to overseed is generally in late summer or early fall to ensure seedlings have an opportunity to take root before the colder local weather arrives.

Midwesthow to make your lawn green again

The Midwest is another cool season grass region. If you’re overseeding your Midwest property, schedule the process anywhere from mid-August to mid-September.


Unsurprisingly, the southern states do better with warm season grasses. The warmer temperatures mean home and business owners can overseed as early as mid-spring into the beginning of the summer.


This region uses both warm and cool season grasses. You’ll find warm season grasses in the Southwest, where you’ll want to overseed in the early spring. The Northwest generally uses cool season grasses, beginning the overseeding process about a month and a half before winter.


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