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Sprinkler Service

Show your lawn sprinkler system some love. Turf Unlimited Inc. has sprinkler repair including irrrigation winterization services.
The irrigation system in your yard is vital for the health and well-being of the lawn, flower beds, garden, and whatever else they cover. Watering by hand is difficult, time-consuming, and not nearly as practical. After all, you might forget or be out of town, and your plants will suffer as a consequence.

With the help of Turf Unlimited, Inc., we’ll keep your lawn sprinkler system running smoothly. Contact us about any of the following services.

Irrigation Winterization

The brutal cold of winter can be hard on a lot of things, especially your irrigation system. If the system is not winterized properly it will result in costly repairs that far outweigh the cost of a winterization. By using our winterizing your sprinkler system with us, you get the peace of mind knowing that your sprinklers have been properly cared for. Call us for more information on our custom sprinkler winterization programs.

Spring Irrigation Startups

It is important to start up the irrigation system prior to the beginning of the watering season to ensure it is running properly.

You, the homeowner can easily start your own system by following these simple instructions.

Step 1: Close the water spigot located on your backflow. This unit is usually located outside the house where the water exits the foundation.

Step 2: Turn on the main water valve to the irrigation system. located in the basement where the water exits the house. Sometimes you will hear a loud noise coming from the backflow or water coming from the top of the backflow. This is normal until the main line is filled and pressure builds up. If the loud noise or water leaking continues turf off and one the water supply a few times quickly to build the pressure up.

Step 3: Turn on each zone manually and check for leaks or heads not rotating. If anything is not working correctly mark it with a flag and contact our office for a service appointment.

Do not feel comfortable with the above instructions? Call our office today and we will happily schedule you an appointment with our professionals.

Irrigation Reconnects

If for any reason you need to disconnect the sprinkler system from the water supply, we can help you get everything reconnected properly. Just like turning on the system each spring, this involves a set of specific sets, otherwise, you risk damaging things. Our team will perform the work flawlessly, removing the anxiety and difficulty of the task.

Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation systems can break in many ways, which can cause flooding and brown spots in your lawn. While these problems certainly will frustrate you, we can step in and help. Our professional team can respond to sprinkler repair calls, restoring your lawn sprinkler system to its regular functionality. You don’t have to live with a broken sprinkler system.

Contact Turf Unlimited, Inc. today to have your properly serviced.

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