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Overseeding your lawn is an effective lawn treatment component
You want a lawn that looks beautiful, lush, full, and greener than green. As you likely already know, just watering it faithfully, keeping it trimmed to the right height, and even fertilizing doesn’t quite achieve those dreams, at least not fully.

With Turf Unlimited Inc.’s help, you can achieve that ultimate vision. We offer overseeding and slice seeding, two lawn treatment services that will thicken up a struggling lawn.


The concept of overseeding might be new to you, but in landscaping, it’s a method that’s been used for some time. Most homeowners that have a beautiful, full lawn owe it to this approach.

Quite simply, overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn (reseeding the lawn). That might sound deceptively simple, but the fact is this is a necessary service. As lawn age, they naturally thin. You’ve probably noticed parts of your lawn that won’t thicken up like you want. This can trigger all kinds of problems:

  • Openings for weeds to grow
  • Less padding for playing
  • Muddy spots when it rains
  • A brown appearance
  • Less drought resistance
  • Greater susceptibility to disease and insect infestations

Simply put, a full, green lawn is a healthy lawn. It avoids having to till over your current lawn and start over, which is expensive and unnecessary.

While anyone can spread seed over a lawn, we have the expertise to do it right. Our technicians know when is the best time to overseed in this climate. Their training means they apply the seed for optimal growth, resulting in the entire lawn looking full, instead of only patches.


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