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Sprinkler Installation

Irrigation system design & installation in action. A yard with lawn sprinklers is a happy yard.An Automatic Irrigation System will make caring for your lawn and landscape effortless. A properly designed system will help ensure the health of your landscape throughout the growing season. With today’s technology, you can choose a simple set and water program or allow local weather conditions to dictate when your system runs.

Irrigation System Design

Installing a new sprinkler system isn’t as simple as just putting the sprinklers wherever in your yard. After all, the lawn sprinklers need to be positioned carefully to avoid problems and optimize coverage. Our professional team will navigate the many issues surrounding designing a sprinkler system from scratch, such as:

  • Avoiding potential flooding of your house or other structures
  • Covering all green spaces, including gardens and flower beds
  • Creating zones that can be switched on together
  • Using the correct connections for joining different sections of pipes

There are many factors that go into the design and installation of a sprinkler system. Sun, shade, soil types and slopes within your landscape are all factors that are taking into consideration when we design and install the placement of your custom system.

Sprinkler System Installation

Putting in a sprinkler system is a messy, long, and potentially frustrating job. Our team has installed countless sprinklers, so we can get the whole system in quickly, correctly, and without any major problems.
That means you deal with your yard being torn up for only a short time. Before you know it, your new sprinkler system will be up and running. We’ll even teach you how to use and program the system, that way you don’t need to remember to water anything.


If you have a sprinkler system, but it’s old enough that it no longer functions correctly, we can replace it. Maybe you already liked the way it was laid out and operated. We can copy the same configuration. If you have feedback on improvements, we can put those in the replacement system, so you’re happy with the results.


Sometimes you need an upgrade to your sprinkler system. Maybe you’ve added a fresh section of grass or want to cover some flower beds that before weren’t irrigated by your sprinklers. Whatever the reason, we can help.

Our sprinkler pros will assess your needs, then present solutions. We’ll also install those upgrades and ensure they’re working correctly. You’ll love the results.

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