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Grub Control

Comprehensive lawn grub control to keep the grub worm issue under control
Everyone has heard of lawn grubs, but they’re a highly misunderstood pest. What you don’t know can wreak havoc on your grass, destroying sections to the point that normal methods to bring it back don’t help.

Learn from the expert team at Turf Unlimited Inc. what grubs are, what they do, and how we can eradicate the problem with our lawn grub control program.

All About Grubs

Some people think grubs are a type of worm or maggot. The truth is grubs are the larvae form of different types of beetles. You might not even notice beetles in your yard, but they’re out of sight, breeding and laying eggs.

When those eggs hatch, short, white things that look somewhat like worms emerge. They live in the soil of your lawn, where they snack on the roots. If you dig into your lawn, you might notice that grubs curl up into a “C” shape when you disturb them.

Over time, grubs will destroy the root system for entire sections of your grass. Because they turn into beetles, as the beetle population grows, so does your grub problem. Left unchecked, grubs will leave you with a dying lawn.

Do You Have Grub Damage?

While plenty of things can cause your grass to turn brown, there are certain signs that indicate you have a grub problem.

  • Of course, the most conclusive evidence is seeing grubs in the soil. You have to dig into your grass to really look for them. The more grubs you see, the worse the problem.
  • You might notice certain sections of your lawn feel spongy as you walk on them. This can be an early indication of a problem.
  • Areas of your grass damaged by grubs will turn brown. No matter how much you water and fertilize, those areas won’t green up.
  • Damage from grubs will allow you to eventually roll the grass back like a rug. If that’s the case, it makes looking for grubs in the soil easier, and it’s a pretty conclusive sign that grubs are destroying the roots.

The best way to determine if you have a grub infestation is to have a professional examine your lawn. We can provide a conclusive assessment.

The Solution

Getting rid of grubs can be a tricky thing. They live in the soil beneath your lawn, so finding them all and removing them is impossible. While sprays are an option, you don’t want to use methods that will harm the grass further or pose a danger to your family.

Fortunately, Turf Unlimited Inc. has the experience, professional tools, and knowledge to deploy the right methods to keep any grub problem in check. No matter how bad the infestation, contact us today and we’ll get to work reclaiming your lawn with a personalized grub treatment plan.

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