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Lawn Care

Your landscape is an important part of your living environment, just like you, your lawn also needs food. It also represents a substantial investment. A proper fertilization program will protect your investment and add measurable value to your property. Turf Unlimited can provide you with a custom Lawn Care program to achieve that lush green lawn you have always been looking for.


5-Step Standard Program

  • 5 Applications of Premium Fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Broadleaf weed control as needed
  • Surface Insect control as needed
  • Free Service Calls
  • Call ahead before each application
  • Turf Unlimited Guarantee

5-Step Organic Program

  • 5 Applications of Premium organic based fertilizer
  • Control products are chemical applications at an additional charge and only applied at customers request.

Additional Services

  • Grub Preventive: Grubs are the white “C” shaped larval stage of a beetle.  Grubs feed on the roots of the grass plant leading to death of the plant. Grubs left untreated can cause considerable damage and can often lead to costly lawn replacement.  Our application is a preventive application applied in June or July which provides season long control and is recommended for all lawns.  This application is guaranteed for 1 year and Turf Unlimited will repair any damage at no charge.
  • Lime Application: The pH balance of your soil has a huge impact on the health of your grass.  Lime will help correct soil pH and add important plant nutrients like calcium and magnesium.  Proper soil pH will improve nutrient uptake and help to prevent thatch build up.
  • Core Aeration and Overseeding: This process removes plugs of soil and deposits them on top of the turf.  This will help relieve soil compaction and allow better absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water.  Aeration will also stimulate root system growth and help reduce thatch.  We can also overseed with aeration to introduce new grass varieties and improve turf density.
  • Slice Seeding: Bring your lawn back to life.  Turf Unlimited will use a state-of-the-art machine to slice through damaged turf and plant seed directly into the soil.  This process eliminates the need to strip the existing lawn, bring in new top soil and reseed.
  • Tick Control: Our program is designed to minimize you and your pets exposure to ticks and the diseases they carry like Lyme Disease.  Our 3 applications are timed based on their life cycle.
  • Soil pH Test: Soil pH is an important chemical property because it affects the availability of nutrients to plants.  Soil pH test will identify nutrient levels and determine if lime is needed and how much.

Qualified Technicians

Our applicators are skilled licensed professionals licensed with the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Any contractor applying pesticides must be licensed with the state. Employees are sent to re-certification classes in the off season to educate them in the latest products and newest developments within the industry.

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