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Plant Health Care

Turf Unlimited Inc. is dedicated to tree care service. Check out our tree spraying and shrub fertilization services.
Turn to Turf Unlimited for your Plant Health care needs. Our custom tree care service and shrub fertilization programs are designed to keep your landscape healthy and thriving. While preventing insect and diseases, we also are feeding your majestic plants, protecting your investment, serving both Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Give your plants the same TLC you give your lawn. They will thank you!

Dormant Oil

Insects can greatly harm your trees and shrubs, damaging and even killing them. Instead of waiting for a problem to flare up, we offer spring and fall dormant oil treatments.
Our dormant oil controls insects that like to feed on your plants. The application suffocates eggs and controls adults by softening the exoskeleton of insects.

Plant Health Care Fertilization

Trees and Shrubs need proper nutrients just like your lawn does to stay healthy and grow. Over time, the soil around them will become depleted of those elements, which is why your plants need fertilization. By applying a simple fertilizer at the proper time of the season you are helping your landscape combat insects and diseases by keeping your plants healthy.

Insect & Disease Spraying

Insects view your trees and shrubs as housing and food. Once an infestation takes hold, a tree that was once healthy and vibrant will become unhealthy and result in a loss of the plant. Don’t leave the health of these valuable plants to chance. Our technicians will apply a professional spray in the early, middle, and late portions of the season to guard against threats.

Systemic Treatments

Certain Insects and diseases are better controlled through a systemic treatment injected inside the plant. This will allow the materials to translocate throughout the entire plant, providing the best possible results. This treatment is also recommended for trees that are too tall to spray.

Deer Guard

Deer are capable of doing significant damage to trees and shrubs by eating the foliage. By using the best product on the market, we apply a repellant just before winter to keep your plants safe from damage.


Our Anti- Desiccant will add an extra layer of protection to reduce damage caused by winter burn. Dry winter winds cause moisture loss which can’t be replaced because plants are dormant, and the ground is frozen. It’s especially important for evergreen shrubs.

Winter Pruning

When the branches of trees and shrubs become too thick and heavy they can break, damaging the beauty and health of the plant. It can even result in plant death. Winter pruning is a great way to maintain the health of your ornamentals. By removing crossing limbs, creating separation, and lowering the height of the plants, we can help boost the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs.

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