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4 Best Indoor Houseplants to Liven Up Any Room

Posted on January 2nd, 2019

One of the big drawbacks of winter is that nothing grows. Well, nothing grows outside. But inside your house is the perfect climate to have plants of your own.

Not only do houseplants add some color and interest to any room of your house but they also act as natural air purifiers.

So what types of plants can you plant indoors?

During the winter months, Massachusetts receives about 8 to 9 hours of sunlight which is significantly less than the amount we receive in the summer. So you will want to choose a plant that does well with not a lot of light.

Thankfully such plants exist and I have listed a few below.

The Spider Plant

Few houseplants are able to adapt to a wide range of conditions like the spider plant can, making it one of the easiest plants to care for. They can come in several varieties ranging from solid green leaves to shades of white or cream stripes down the middle.

Spider plants prefer medium to bright light and remember to keep the soil moist but not too moist. This is the perfect plant for anyone who knows nothing about plant care.

Peace Lily

With its thick, glossy, green leaves and beautiful white flowers, one might get the impression that the peace lily is a delicate plant. They would be wrong. Peace lilies are in fact very hardy and can grow in areas with very low light, say a living room corner or a basement. Only water peace lily when the soil is dry to the touch.

Peace Lillies are excellent air purifiers pulling benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air.


aloe plant

Famous for its healing properties the aloe plants are durable and can go quite a while without watering due to its thick sturdy leaves which store water.

Aloe likes areas with a lot of sunlight so place it in a windowsill or a room with plenty of windows but be careful of drafts. Aloe prefers temperatures hovering in the low 70s.


jade plant

Another easy to care for houseplant is jade. Jade plants don’t need a lot of water, making it the perfect plant for someone who is on the go or forgetful… or both. This exotic looking plant will add interest to any room especially if it’s allowed to grow tall.

If you have a lot of space you can transplant jade into a larger pot and watch it fill it out.

Have more empty pots or friends who admire your jade plant? Just separate them with the roots and the plant will continue to flourish.

If taken care of properly the jade plant will grow old with you, living 50 years or more.

Jade plants don’t need to be watered regularly. Keep soil somewhat dry. It prefers bright light and temperatures in the 70s.

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