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Lawn Diseases in Massachusetts

Posted on March 21st, 2019

Having a lush, beautiful lawn is the dream of most homeowners. Unfortunately, lawn diseases can really take their toll on your grass and green spaces. Here are the top 5 lawn diseases to watch for in Massachusetts.

Brown Patch

Too much water can be a bad thing when conditions are right. The hot, moist weather that we experience each summer can cause one of the most common lawn diseases known as brown patch. Brown patch can infect almost all grass types and creates 3 to 10-foot circles of brown grass. The fungus that causes brown patch overwinters in debris and thatch in your grass. Once the temperatures rise and conditions are met, brown patch can appear suddenly, out of nowhere. Take care when watering this summer. Water early in the morning so the water has time to evaporate before night when the fungus spreads.

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Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a disease that loves the shade. The fungus turns grass an obvious white color and may appear like the chalk lines on an athletic field. Powdery mildew is worse in the late spring and early fall when there is less sunlight. Overseeding with shade-tolerant grasses and trimming your trees are great ways to prevent future outbreaks.

Snow Mold

Snow mold usually occurs as a result of bad lawn care practices. There’s a reason we tell you to rake your yard in the fall and in the spring. Snow mold grows under the debris you left behind such as piles of leaves and grass clippings. After the snow melts in the spring and you finally rake up those leaves, you may be greeted by the white, web-like spots on your grass. Though this disease isn’t very severe and usually clears up without any problem, you can cure it quicker by raking up any leaves and lawn debris and allow that area to air out.

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is another type of fungus spread by too much water. Dollar spot usually appears in spring and fall when daily high and low temperatures make the biggest swings. The fungus usually appears first as a patch of dead grass the size of a silver dollar. As it spreads it merges with other patches creating huge swaths of dead grass in your yard. Aerating your lawn may be your best bet to save your lawn from dollar spot as it prevents water from pooling and brings oxygen down to the roots. As another preventive step, try overseeding with a different strain of grass.

how to treat dollar spot in lawn

Red Thread

Red thread is a disease that affects fine fescues and ryegrass more than other grass types. It appears as web-like red threads. As the disease spreads it kills the grass, leaving your lawn looking scorched. Keeping on a regular fertilization schedule and watering early in the day can help prevent red thread from forming. Although it can pop up any time of the year, it usually does best in cool wet weather.

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