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5 Benefits Of Winter Pruning

Posted on December 19th, 2018

You have invested your hard earned time and money into your landscape this year. Your trees and shrubs have had a successful growing season, and they are as strong and healthy as they’ve ever been. But now winter is here, and you’re worried about the damage the winter weather can bring upon your trees and shrubs.

Here’s some good news: You can protect your trees and shrubs this winter, and in doing so you will also be promoting another successful growing season come spring. How? By pruning! Proper winter pruning is a practice that benefits your trees and shrubs and enhances the health and appearance of your landscape. Here are 5 of the benefits that come with winter pruning!

Your Trees And Shrubs Are Dormant

Pruning in the late summer and early fall can cause stress on your trees and shrubs. This is because they will spend a significant amount of time and energy trying to heal the pruning wounds to promote new growth.

With winter pruning, your trees and shrubs are dormant. The trees and shrubs will have more time to heal, and those pruned branches will be better prepared to grow in the spring.

You Can See Better

Now that all the leaves have fallen, the dead/diseased branches are much easier to identify. These branches will take necessary nutrients from the healthy part of your trees, so removing them is essential to promote the overall health of the tree or shrub.

You Are Safer

Have you ever seen downed trees or tree branches in your neighborhood after a winter storm? If so, chances are it is because the wind, ice, or snow was too much for the unhealthy branches to bear. As a result, they break and come crashing to the ground.

Winter pruning removes the dangers that unhealthy branches can bring. As a result, your home, family, cars, garage, etc. are all much safer from these potential hazards.

Your Trees And Shrubs Are Safer

Two of the biggest threats your trees and shrubs are facing this winter are the weather and the pests. Winter pruning protects your trees and shrubs from both of these things.

For example, heavy snowfall on branches that aren’t pruned can cause them to break off. The broken branches will immediately leave the healthy part of the tree exposed to the elements. Also, trees and shrubs that have not been pruned can create an inviting environment for pests looking to find a home for the winter.

Winter pruning allows time for the whole branch to heal and prepare for the elements. It will also turn pests away from your trees and shrubs, keeping them protected and healthy throughout the winter months.

You Get To Go Outside

Winters in Massachusetts are long and drawn out. Any excuse to get outside (on a mild day) is a good one! Pruning gives you that opportunity to get outside and enjoy your landscape. As a bonus, by the end of the day, your trees and shrubs are even more aesthetically pleasing than before!

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