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Can Your Yard Benefit from a Sprinkler System?

Posted on September 22nd, 2021

Can Your Yard Benefit from a Sprinkler System? It can sometimes be hard in our busy schedules to find the time to do things around the house. There’s a picture to be hung, laundry to fold, and the lawn needs watering. And by the time we get round to doing these chores, often we’re so beat the picture’s skew, the laundry’s crumpled, and the lawn looks a little dry. What to do?

Well, if time is not on your side, the best thing to do is to get something to make your life a little easier. Enter a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system is an affordable and convenient tool that can save you time and money. When properly installed, an irrigation system can be a tremendous benefit to property owners. In this post, we take a closer look at a few significant benefits to consider when it comes to investing in a sprinkler system.

Five Benefits of Sprinkler Installation

  • It Reduces Your Costs

Unlike watering by hand, most irrigation systems use only as much water as needed. Yup, irrigation systems actually reduce waste and lower your water bill. This is particularly beneficial in the summer months when your grass needs water more frequently. You can also adjust the frequency of your irrigation during the cooler months over fall and winter. 

  • It Means Less Manual Labor

Doing all the work for you, an irrigation system means you don’t need to water the lawn yourself. You’re saving both time and effort. What’s not to love? Plus, if you are on holiday or away for the weekend, your lawn will be sufficiently watered—no need to ask the neighbors or come back to dry, damaged grass. 

  • It Prevents Uneven Watering

Before sprinkler installation takes place, your lawn’s layout must be mapped out to make sure the entire lawn receives enough water. Factors like slopes, corners, boulders, and hard-to-reach places all need to be considered when creating an irrigation plan. Once this step is complete, each nozzle is placed to provide even water distribution. Of course, this is possible when using a hose but requires much more time and is not as accurate as a sprinkler. 

  • It Preserves Nutrients and Soil Structure

Often, manually watering your lawn means that a hose allows for too much water into the soil. This means that good-for-the-grass nutrients leach out with the water that runs off your lawn. This can leave your once lush lawn with fewer nutrients and shorten its life cycle. Plus, excess water can lead to root disease and wither. Instead, a sprinkler installation or drip irrigation system can help preserve nutrients and reduce the soil’s compaction. 

  • It’s Better for the Environment

An irrigation system can help the environment in several ways. As mentioned before,  sprinkler installation conserves water by using the exact quantity required. Sprinkler systems will also help reduce soil erosion and excess water runoff. When your yard or garden is saturated with water, this water has to go somewhere and will mostly run off into the surrounding properties, roadway sewers, streams, or even rivers. This runoff can contain the pesticides and fertilizers you use in your yard. Less runoff means water won’t pollute rivers and streams with harmful chemicals. Helping protect your area’s birds and wildlife. 

Lawn Care Westford

Are you looking to install a sprinkler system? Our sprinkler pros will assess your needs and then present the best possible solutions for your yard. Be warned, putting in a sprinkler system yourself can be a messy, cumbersome, and potentially frustrating job. Our team has installed countless sprinkler systems, so you can trust us to get the whole system up and running quickly and correctly. We’ll even teach you how to use and program the system, that way you don’t need to remember to water anything. At Turf Unlimited we offer a full sprinkler service, and can also upgrade, maintain, and repair your irrigation systems. For everything lawn care Westford residents can trust Turf Unlimited. Contact us today to find out more.


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