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How To Prevent Mushrooms Growing on Your Lawn

Posted on August 31st, 2022

How To Prevent Mushrooms Growing on Your Lawn. Whether it’s aesthetics or the safety of your child and pet, your reasons for wanting to get rid of mushrooms are valid. Some believe mushrooms spring up for no apparent reason, but that’s not the case.

To help you deal with the mushroom situation on your lawn, we’ll cover the following:

  • Why are mushrooms growing on my lawn?
  • What happens when mushrooms are growing on my lawn?
  • How to prevent and get rid of mushrooms growing on my lawn?

Why are Mushrooms Growing on My Lawn?

Mushroom growth can be the presence of organic matter like tree stumps, tree roots, excessive moisture, and other decaying matter like leaves, mulch, and twigs. It is a sign of healthy soil that causes mushrooms to grow in your yard.

What Happens When Mushrooms are Growing on My Lawn?

Now that you know why mushrooms are growing on your lawn, there are a couple of drawbacks when they grow. Although mushrooms are mostly harmless, some might be a cause for concern:

  • Mushrooms tend to look unappealing on an otherwise pristine lawn.
  • Persistent mushroom growth can harm localized areas of grass.
  • Some mushrooms have a horrible smell; the most notorious example is the widely known “stinkhorns.”
  • Various mushrooms can be toxic, especially to kids or pets, leading to an upset stomach or becoming very ill.

While finding a poisonous mushroom is rare, it’s not impossible. It’s also hard to tell a poisonous mushroom apart from an edible one.

And since excessive moisture is one reason why mushrooms grow on your lawn, it could also be a sign of overwatering. Although you have no control over rain, you can ensure your sprinklers are working correctly, so you’re not adding up to the problem and consequently wasting water.

How To Prevent and Get Rid of Mushrooms Growing on My Lawn?

Knowing what causes mushrooms to grow in your yard is key to knowing how to prevent them and get rid of them. 

#1 Identify where mushrooms tend to grow on your lawn

The first thing you should do is to determine where mushrooms are growing on your lawn; doing so will help you figure out the specific causes as to why they are growing in the first place.

#2 Adjust your watering systems and water less frequently

You may want to look into your watering routine if you notice mushrooms growing here and there over your lawn.

#3 Improve your drainage

The presence of mushrooms may mean that your lawn is not draining properly because of impacted soil, a flat yard, or clogged gutters. To alleviate drainage problems, clean your gutters and reroute or extend your downspout away from your yard.

#4 Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn should do the trick for a moderate mushroom situation. It involves perforating your soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate while loosening impacted soils.

#5 Maintain your lawn

Leaving a small amount of finely shredded grass clippings on your lawn can be healthy, but you should consider raking them up along with leaves if you’re eager to keep mushrooms away. Also, if you have any tree stumps, have them removed altogether.

#6 Encourage sunlight

Mushrooms grow in shady spots, so cut away tree branches that cause too much shade over your lawn. If you have a few small trees, pruning them would make a difference. But if you have larger trees, it might be safer to have them removed professionally.

#7 Call a lawn expert

Not many have the time to maintain their lawn to keep away mushrooms. If this is the case for you, call a lawn expert immediately.

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