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Lawn Care & Landscaping in Andover, MA

Andover Massachusetts town hall
Nestled in historic Essex County, Andover Massachusetts is a magical place to live. You have quite a few opportunities for recreation, entertainment, food, shopping, and so much more. The vibrancy of this community means you’ll never lack for interesting and unique things to do. Check out any of the following options to shake things up in your free time.

Addison Gallery of American Art

Because Andover MA has a proud part in early American history, the collection of art pieces at this gallery is truly impressive. It boasts over 17,000 art pieces in the collection, which covers the 18th century to the present day.

You can always see something new at the gallery. With shows happening all the time, including traveling exhibitions and permanent collection installations, returning to see the latest is exciting. Even better, admission is free, so you can have an affordable and entertaining time.

Smolak Farms in Andover Massachusetts

This historic homestead provides a glimpse into how people worked the land long ago in the Andover area. While you don’t live with livestock and harvest crops, visiting here will help you get back in touch with those roots. It’s a different pace from your everyday life, forcing you to slow down and appreciate what you might otherwise overlook.

While you certainly can just walk around and soak in the surroundings, the opportunities to do unique things abound. During the harvest season, visitors can pick fruit in the orchards, which can be surprisingly refreshing. Hayrides help you see more of the farm in less time, plus get an education on how things function. Programs in the different seasons help you interact with the animals and learn valuable or interesting skills related to farming. The farm stand and bakery both give you a chance to partake in the goodness of the farm-to-table life.

Ward Reservation

Many residents of Andover are blown away when they finally check out Ward Reservation. This park, which is located on Prospect Road, provides an amazing view of Boston. What’s more, you can explore the many pristine pathways through the woods, watch for a variety of wildlife, climb the fire tower, or just enjoy playing on the lawn.

While it’s great to get away and soak in the beauty of nature, you can have that same experience each time you step out the door. Turf Unlimited Inc. offers professional lawn care, tree and shrub service, and even sprinkler service to help you get the maximum potential out of your yard. Imagine yourself sitting on a warm summer evening, basking in the serenity of your well-cared-for yard. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

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