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Groton, MA

River in Groton Massachusetts
Living in Groton Massachusetts, you get all the benefits of a small town filled with friendly residents and picturesque surroundings. The town is steeped in American history, which you can feel everywhere you go.

If you’re looking for ways to change things up, or maybe just to appreciate all that Groton has to offer, check out the following locations in the town.

Gibbet Hill Farm

This community farm has been preserved, thanks to the Webber family, which bought all 500 acres to keep them from being developed into housing. Thanks to collaboration with state and local government, the farm is now a conservation, so future generations can benefit from visiting it.

Among the claims of fame for this farm is its popular Black Angus cattle. Today, you can visit to enjoy one of four onsite restaurants. They get produce directly from the farm, so you enjoy a level of freshness not available at most eating establishments.

Groton MA Town Forest

Living in Groton Massachusetts, the outdoors are never far away. This forest is located right in the borders and is managed by the town itself. Quite a few trails will take you through the wooded areas, up and down hills, and more. Some speculate that certain trails have been around since colonial times.

There’s a good mixture of easy, moderately difficult, and advanced trails. That means no matter who you bring along, there’s a pathway that will be appropriate. Many mountain bikers like to hit the trails as well.

Luina Greine Farm

If you want something a little more out of the ordinary, while still keeping in touch with nature, the Luina Greine Farm is the right place to be. It’s situated near the town common, so getting there isn’t difficult at all. Since 2011, the Sullivan family has both owned and operated the farm, which raises many alpacas.

All in all, there are 19 acres of open land on the farm. The rolling, green hills are a sight to behold and provide the perfect place for the alpaca to roam. Apple orchards are also part of the farm. An onsite store allows you to buy fresh food products, plus a number of items made out of alpaca fleece, like teddy bears, socks, and mittens.

Groton Country Club

For some outdoor recreation, the Groton Country Club offers a few options. If you’re a golfer, many Groton residents find it to be quite challenging, thanks to the many hills that make calculating shots more difficult. Afterward, six on the Tavern deck and enjoy the sunshine.
The whole family will enjoy the pool, which is well-maintained and even heated for excursions late or early in the season. Kids can take lessons, so they learn to not only love the water but how to swim effectively.

The country club is also available for weddings, company events, and other gatherings. Thanks to the beautiful surroundings, it can seriously enhance your special occasion. Of course, using Turf Unlimited, Inc. and its lawn care, sprinkler installation, and other services will transform your yard into a similarly majestic area. Imagine enjoying that kind of an environment each time you step out the door. Contact us today to set an appointment.

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