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Manchester, NH

city buildings in Manchester New Hampshire
Life in Manchester New Hampshire is vibrant, thanks to the vibe of this large city. Art and culture are everywhere, as well as plenty of culinary options, community events, and so much more. A healthy local economy draws in a relatively diverse population as well, making for an interesting place to live. If you’re looking for new ways to appreciate the place, check out any of the following options for things to do in Manchester NH.

Currier Museum of Art

If you’re a fan of art, this is the place to visit. This museum has received international recognition for its amazing collection and breathtaking displays, which include both European and American sculptures, paintings, photographs, and decorative arts. During your visit, you’ll see original pieces by greats like O’Keefe, Picasso, LeWitt, Wyeth, and Monet. As a special treat, you can get a tour of the Zimmerman House, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, through the museum.

This is a museum you can return to often. It constantly hosts different events, exhibitions, and other programs to spice things up. Both children and adults can take workshops, enriching their skills and understanding of the arts.

Palace Theatre in Manchester New Hampshire

You simply must see at least one performance in this theatre, which has 890 seats and an ambiance that hearkens back to a time when entertainment was most often enjoyed live. The shows run the range in genre and level, including youth and teen troops, as well as professional companies.

Because the theatre is run by a non-profit organization, you can feel good about spending money each time you visit. Comedy acts, magicians, and even musicians all pass through this magical venue.

Livingston Park

A popular park in Manchester, you can spend hours here without getting bored. Among the many options is a running track, baseball diamond, soccer field, two playgrounds, and picnic tables with shelters over them. Many people come to the park to exercise, relax, and play with others.

A new swimming pool adds to the options in the summer. Beyond the lap pool, it also contains water features for children to play, plus a fun water slide.

Dorr’s Pond is situated right next to the park. A walking trail encircles the pond, making for a great exercise opportunity. Fishing is great in the warm weather, while the winter months allow you to ice skate on the pond.

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