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Fall Colors: The Best Maple Trees to Brighten Up Your Massachusetts Landscapes

Posted on September 17th, 2019

The first thing that usually pops into our minds when we think of maples is delicious maple syrup. Here in Massachusetts, we have over 300 maple producers in the state. You can see them all here. But maple trees offer more than a topping for our waffles and pancakes, they also provide unparalleled beauty and shade for our landscapes. In the fall these magnificent and easy to care for trees put on a show like no other with exploding colors of yellows, reds, and oranges. You can capture this beauty by planting a variety of maples in your own yard. Here is a list of our favorite maple trees to plant in Massachusetts.

The sugar maple puts on one of the most beautiful shows with its fall colors, making it one of the best maple trees to plant in your Manchester, NH yard.

Sugar Maple

If you are looking to make your own maple syrup then the sugar maple is the maple for you. During the summer months, sugar maples make excellent shade trees to keep you and your family protected from the harsh rays. In the fall they’ll put on a show to make your yard stand out from the rest by painting it with yellows, oranges, and reds.

Red Maple

Don’t let their name deceive you; red maples aren’t actually red year-round like the crimson king maple. To the untrained eye, they look like any other maple with thick foliage and perfect oval shapes but in the fall their dark green leaves turn a burning red from the tips down creating a breathtaking view that will surely spark a conversation. They can reach up to 70 feet tall and provide 30- 50 feet of protective shade. With year-round interest, the red maple is a must-have for any yard.

Silver Maple

Silver maples are great for filling in spaces fast. These fast growers can recover quickly from floods and do great in poor soils. They need to be planted in an area with plenty of sunlight where they can stretch their long branches and thick foliage, providing ample shade for a deck or patio. Because of its rapid growth rate, be careful where you plant it as it can quickly crowd out other trees, and crack sidewalks or foundations. To tell silver maples apart from other maples look for five-pointed leaves and white undersides that glisten and shine in the wind.

Japanese MapleThe Japanese maple is one of the most beautiful maple trees to grow in your Nashua, NH yard.

There are many varieties of Japanese Maple but the ones you will probably encounter at the nursery are small, slow-growing varieties that are perfect for decorating front yard landscapes or adding a bit of contrast to backyard gardens. They grow faster when they are young then slow as they get older, making it safe for planting close to sidewalks and structures.

Box Elder Maple

Box Elder maples, or usually just called box elder trees, look strikingly different from other maples in that they don’t have large pointed leaves like the rest of the maple family. Instead, they have clusters of three green leaves. The only thing that resembles a maple on this tree is the winged seeds that it produces in the spring. These trees don’t get a lot of credit for being an ornamental tree. However, they grow very, very fast and have naturally beautiful shapes. They often form multiple trunks for a very interesting and natural look.

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