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Hudson, MA

Hudson Massachusetts town square
Proudly situated in Middlesex County, Hudson Massachusetts has a deep history and strong community ties. People who live, work, and play here enjoy a friendly atmosphere and a charm that you can’t find just anywhere else. If you’re looking to maximize your enjoyment of this amazing community, you might want to consider visiting any of the following places.

Medusa Brewing Company

Located right on Main Street in the heart of the historic downtown business district, Medusa Brewing Company isn’t hard to find. Many people use it as a gathering spot, meeting up with friends and family for a fun time. It has an approachable yet formal feel, while the staff is more than happy to explain the many American-style ales and brews that are derived from recipes more traditionally associated with Europe. Even better, you get the local touch that’s missing in chain establishments, helping everyone to feel more connected to the community.

Ferjulians Farm Stand in Hudson MA

From the spring to the fall, this stand serves as a great resource for fresh, local produce. It’s been a staple of Hudson MA, considering the business first started in 1942 during World War II. At first, the business was focused on growing and selling apples, but over time that evolved into offering fruits of all kinds, vegetables, flowers, and even turkeys.

Visiting the store is like Christmas morning because you never know what kinds of good things you might find.

Roller Kingdom

Everyone can enjoy an afternoon or evening of roller skating at this roller rink in Hudson. It’s extremely clean, kid-friendly, and even offers rollerblading for a fun, modern twist. Skate to music, enjoy the cool light shows, and have a great time. If you want something more, Roller Kingdom also offers laser tag, a huge arcade, and a Prize Center. The on-site snack bar has a whole range of great food and drinks.

Marlborough-Sudbury State Forest

You don’t need to venture far for a real wildlife experience, considering this state forest is located right in Hudson. Inside the conservation area, you’ll find many hiking trails that aren’t too difficult to traverse, plus streams, thick wooded areas, and more. It’s an amazing place to get away, meditate, and forget about the bustle of everyday life.

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